Fire Pit Landscaping

Landscaping a Fire Pit Entertaining Area

If your requirements go further than our beautiful cast iron fire pits and our stone garden design settings, we offer fire pit landscaping and can create a custom outdoor design for your fire pit entertaining area.

Integrate Your Design

Our Landscape design professionals can create an exclusive fire pit garden design for you integrated into your existing landscape.

Fire Pit as a Focal Point

In contrast to integrating your new fire pit entertaining area into your existing outdoor living and garden area – why not redesign your garden and create new landscaping around the fire pit as a focal point.

Sometimes in order to obtain the maximum impact of a fire pit entertaining area a new fire pit landscaping design is the best option.  Under this option, your new fire pit will be at the heart of your outdoort entertaining area.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your fire pit landscaping ideas and needs.

fire pit landscaping