How to Safely Enjoy your New Fire Pit

Congratulations! You are the proud new owner of a fire pit that I’m sure you are very excited to start using. But before you get started, there are some important factors in relation to fire pit safety that we believe you should consider ensuring that your fire pit experience never puts you or anyone else in harm’s way.

Safely Setting Up Your Fire Pit

Fire pit safety can depend on what is done while setting up the fire pit, as there are some important steps that must be followed to ensure that you are always safe during its use.

First of all, you must make sure that your fire pit is positioned on level ground. Doing so minimises the chances of imbalance and subsequent mishaps that could come about as a result.

Secondly, position your fire pit away from any structures or plants, so that risk of fire spread is reduced in the case of flying sparks. Also, make sure that the fire is not placed underneath overhanging structures, as objects in this area are at risk of catching alight. This is especially true for trees in the drier months of the year.

Thirdly, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation as breathing too much smoke is harmful to your health. Ideally, your fire pit should be positioned outside (and not in a tent or any such structure), where the smoke will not gather and is free to move away unabated.

Finally, when setting up your fire pit make sure that the surrounding area does not have any obvious tripping hazards as well, so there are no otherwise avoidable accidents when moving around the fire.

Safely Using Your Fire Pit

While the fire pit is in use, make sure that it is surrounded by non-combustible materials such as stone or gravel so as to avoid fire spread. Always keep some sand or water handy so as to deal with any wayward sparks that may fall or fly from the fire pit.

Make sure to only use untreated wood as fuel so as to avoid any unexpected reactions, or toxic fumes arising from the fire pit. Your outdoor fire pit must never be left unattended, and you should always monitor children and pets that will be present in the vicinity.

Safely Extinguishing your Fire Pit

In order to practice proper fire pit safety, the fire must be completely extinguished at the end of its use. This should be done by allowing the fire to burn down, before pouring water onto the fire’s base. Make sure to use a shovel or poker to stir the water through and to check for any remaining embers that are still alight.

Keeping a fire blanket or extinguisher handy is recommended also, in the case that anything unfortunate were to happen. This is so the situation can be rectified quickly. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation that you don’t feel you can rectify, do not hesitate to call the required emergency services.

If these points regarding fire pit safety are all properly considered, the use of your fire pit will be a safe and hassle-free experience in which you will have nothing but enjoyable times. Remember to remain vigilant, but enjoy all that there is to gain from your new fire pit from The FirePit Company.