New Fire Pit Products and Other Related Products

Here at the FirePt Company we are constantly working on ways to make your fire pit experience easier and more delightful. To this end, we will be providing some great new fire pit products next season to complement our existing range.  Keep an eye on our website we will not only have new fire pit products but also new fire pit accessories and other related products – heaps…

Products to Look Out For Next Year

Patio Accessories

Accessorise your fire pit area with two new products from the Firepit Company.

We are currently designing coffee tables and wood racks which will compliment your cast iron fire pits beautifully. Featuring recycled timer finishes and stainless steel or black trim they will not only add functionality to your fire pit area, but will look great when you are unable to light up and enjoy those crackling fires.

Keep your firewood handy in your new stylish firewood rack ready for that impromptu dinner party or just hanging around with the family. Looks great and will keep your patio tidy as well.

Fire Pit Cooking Tools

Fire pit cooking is my favourite style of cooking, I so enjoy every aspect of the ritual from lighting the fire to carefully cooking the juiciest of steaks or succulent roasts. We have a number of different fire pit cooking tools that make fire pit cooking even more fun…

Our fire pit grill plates have been an overwhelming success this year. Made from laser or plasma cut heavy-duty mild steel they are a pleasure to cook on as the heavy-duty steel holds the heat beautifully.  And the grill area is flat – OMG NO ROUND BARS TO CONTEND WITH!  Lots of freeboards gives you plenty of area to keep things warm or slow down the cooking process.

FirePit Company heat resistant gloves and our new grill plate lifter will take the hassle out of moving that hot grill plate.

Next year our range of fire pit grill plates is set to expand with the addition of our new Picasso Grill Plate. We have already provided a number of plates to our customers on a custom-made basis and hope to have them as a stock item in the coming months.

For our friends who are more into roaring fires and a little less into fire pit cooking, we have developed a new no hassle STAINLESS WIRE GRILL.  Just throw it on and frazzle those snags.

disposable fire pit grill

But what is a fire pit session without a few golden marshmallows!  We have for you the best marshmallow cooking sticks EVER, let me repeat EVER………. wait and see.

Campfire Cooking

Our new fire pit products will include cooking posts, billy cans and campfire grills.

This is just the beginning everything your heart desires for outdoor cooking and it is all made with an eye to the quality you are looking for…. FIREPIT COMPANY QUALITY!

Fir Pit Tip for the Day

When starting your fire use lots and lots of kindling and tip your bowl into the wind. As soon as it gets going level your bowl and stoke your fire!
Personally, I use a propane torch but I can’t recommend this technique for general use because of obvious reasons.