Premium Australian Designed Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pits For Sale

Australian Designed Outdoor Fire Pits

Our stunning outdoor fire pits are perfect for an Aussie backyard, for the beach, for a weekend hideaway in the mountains, for your garden or even on your back deck. We have designed different models of fire pits for different tastes and uses, and all are very durable and also very affordable.

Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pits

We sell only premium charcoal and wood burning fire pits.  The quality and impact of our wood burning fire pits really needs to be seen in person, at night with a crackling fire to appreciate how exceptional they really are.

In fact, our customers all say that the images on our website do not do our products justice as in real life the fire pits create a greater ‘wow’ factor due to the sheer size, colour and unique designs, particularly the Khan – the bowl of which is almost one and a half metres in diametre and weighs 100kg!

Cast Iron Fire Pits

All of our outdoor fire pits are made of solid cast iron which is very durable and provides a natural finish.  Cast iron is in our opinion the best material for fire pits as it is very durable, attractive and low maintenance.  Cast iron oxidises over time changing colour from grey through to a natural reddish terracotta colour.  Your cast iron fire pit will not rust, it only oxidises and is thus more durable than steel which does rust.

fire pit bowls

Fire Pit Bowls

Our solid cast iron fire pits are available in different sizes from 750mm being the smallest to 1400mm in diametre being the largest.  The smallest of our fire pit bowls weighs 17.5kg, with the largest weighing 100kg (bowl only of The Kahn, the King of Large Fire Pits).

We have seven unique fire pit designs and with the exception of The Kahn and the Picasso, all the others are available in both a 750mm fire pit bowl or a 900mm fire pit bowl – and matching sized stands.

The 750mm fire pit bowl weights 17.5kg and the 900mm fire pit bowl 28.5kg.  The fire pit bowl of the Picasso is self supporting and a not to be scoffed size of 1030mm.

Fire Pit Stands

We have several different fire pit stand designs which match the different sized fire pit bowls, so you can effectively mix and match to choose the bowl size and stand to whichever appeals the most.  As noted above, the Picasso does not require a stand and is simply stunning on a heat resistant fire pit pad like a natural basalt slab.

outdoor fire pits for sale