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Portable Fire Pits For Sale

Here at The FirePit Company we have a range of portable fire pit bowls and stands for camping and outdoor use.

Whilst our fire pits are portable, they are definitely not small or delicate.  The fire pits sold by us are built for heat, for effect, for family sized bbqs, for long term durability and safety.

Our fire pits are very popular with families and groups that go camping (or for home use) and are looking for a good strong portable fire pit that is sturdy (hence also more safe) and that is able to keep a sizeable area warm in winter and also to cook a family group sized meal.

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Choosing a Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

When selecting a portable camping fire pit many people err on the side of selecting a small and lightweight fire pit.  However choosing too small a fire pit means that it will not provide sufficient light, sufficient heat nor be able to accommodate a family cook-up.

When selecting a portable camping fire pit consider whether you are going to be staying at the one campsite, beach or park or whether you will be hiking and thus need to carry your fire pit with you.

If you are not intending to hike from one camp to another, then we suggest that your needs for a camping fire pit are the same as for those for a home fire pit.  So, if you are only going to set your fire pit up in one location, then the need for a sizable fire for both heat and light is more important than having a small lightweight fire pit that will not provide this for you.

If this is your situation then one of our fire pits is likely to be just what you are looking for.  However if you are hiking and carrying all your food and equipment, then our portable fire pits are definitely not for you.

Camping Fire Pits

The FirePit Company has four fire pits which are suitable for camping. As noted above, these fire pits have been designed to function effectively for a group of people, for warmth, light and sufficient cooking area as well as a wonderful atmosphere.

Each of these fire pits have a 750mm diametre bowl which weights around 17.5kg, thus not too heavy to move from the car to the centre of the camp, but way to heavy for hiking trips.

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With the 750mm bowl there is the choice of four different stands.  Each of these stands are just as good as the others in terms of functionality and thus it is just a matter of preference.  The difference in weight if 4kg being the lightest (The Classic) to 6kg (the Cubist)( being the heaviest.

All of these cast iron portable outdoor fire pits have been designed in Australia for Australians and for outdoor use.  The fire pit stands are also very durable with powder coated steel that is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Celsius.

There are also larger 900mm fire pit bowls available.  These however weight 28.5kg and whilst excellent for larger groups, are probably oversized for smaller groups.

Safety and Maintenance

Each of the portable fire pits require little to no maintenance.  The bowls are manufactured in recycled cast iron (eco-friendly) which has a natural resistance to oxidation, and thus does not rust.  Cast iron is also extremely strong and perfect as a fire bowl, it won’t crack or break under high tempretures and can easily withstand harsh wear and tear.

The fire pits are also designed to be as safe as possible with the greatest weight of the bottom of the fire pit so that it is just about impossible to knock over.  The curved sides of the fire pits and the sheer size overall provide a greater level of safety as burning sticks and embers are unlikely to be blown out or fall out of the bowl, making it safer for children.

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Our Range of Portable Fire Pits