Natural Basalt Slab


Heat Resistant Fire Pit Pad

We highly recommend that you use a heat resistant fire pit pad under your fire pit.  In keeping with our fire pit designs which embrace history, nature and art, we have designed a simple, effective and striking fire pit pad – a natural basalt slab.

Roughly crafted into 40kg slabs of volcanic rock these fire pit pads display the different hues of the exposed fine grained rock.  Basalt is an excellent thermal insulator and the natural basalt heat resistant slabs are 6cm thick and roughly half a metre square and will provide protection to the surface under the fire pit slab from extreme high fire temperatures.

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Fire Pads for Fire Pits

The natural basalt slab are an attractive fire pit pad and can be used on wooden decks, on existing pavers or stones as well as directly onto concrete or grass.  To fully appreciate the impact of the 40kg slab of volcanic rock, one really needs to see it in person.  We are confident that if you purchase our natural heat resistant basalt slab for your fire pit protection, you will have no regrets.

Just for interest about Basalt, did you know…

Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock which means that it is formed by the rapidly cooling larva on the surface of a plant.

That basalt is not only found on earth but also on the moon and mars…?

Basalt was traditionally used for making cobblestones.

Size: 800mm – 900mm
Thickness: 60-80mm
Weight: 100kg

Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions0.5 x 0.5 x 0.060 cm

400mm, 550mm


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